Friday, 11 October 2013

Female Spayed 6 Months

I'm a cross pug shih tzu named Snug and my owners had me spayed at 6 months. I'm still recovering from my operation.

My operation went fine and I was back to myself after a few days. Nearly 1 week has passed and I'm itching to get out. My owners use to take me on 3-4 walks per day and play lots of frisbee but they are supposed to keep me quiet until I'm healed.

Female Puppy Spaying Recovery Time

snug the shug
The vets say that it takes 10-14 days before I will be back to normal and in the meantime I'm only allowed 10 mins or so in the garden. I suppose I have to wait it out but I have so much energy.

My owners are tying to train me but again I can only do basic tricks which I'm pretty good at.

Female Puppy Spayed

The vets also switched me onto some sensitive dog food for a few days after my operation but now the problem is I keep screaming while pooing and I'm constipated.

The vets did say that I should try omega oil or olive oil once a day and it really does work. My poos are much softer now so any dogs who are also suffering I would suggest you get your owners to give you some omega oil. Half a teaspoon is enough. It works great.

Female Spaying Change Personality

Some people think that getting spayed will change your personality and I can tell you 100% that its not true. Already I'm back to my old ways and its only been a few days. Yes I'm still doing my owners head in but that's because I'm bored as not being taken on long walks. I'm doing some puppy training at the moment and working on some other tricks.

See more of me on Youtube where you can see me doing dog training tricks & more funny videos.